Piano Estate Sale

~ An exceptional selection of masterfully rebuilt Vintage Pianos & Steinway Grands ~


We have over a dozen Steinway Pianos for sale as part of this probate sale and piano liquidation!

Over the course of his life, Ronald Boyd rebuilt hundreds of beautiful classic grand pianos of the most famous brands: Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin--the list goes on! Now with his passing, the Boyd family is tasked with finding new homes for his collection of classic--some even antique pre-1900--pianos. All of the pianos were masterfully rebuilt and refinished by Mr. Boyd himself with the highest quality parts. They both function and sound like new: This is your chance to own a concert-ready Steinway grand piano at a ‘used Steinway’ price.


Own a Piece of History

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a Steinway Piano for sale at an unbeatable price! Each of these unique pianos has a story. More than just a conversation piece, each piano is a fabulous work of art that will leave your guests in awe--both with its classy appearance and beautiful tone. Make an appointment to come see them now!

The Focal Point of Any Space

A grand piano becomes the focal point of any room; and we have sizes to fit any room, from 5’ baby grands to 9’ Steinway Model D Concert Grand pianos. We have 5 Steinway Model A’s, 3 Steinway Model B’s, a Model O, as well as grands and upright pianos from brands including Mason & Hamlin, Chickering, Kawai, Yamaha, and Petrof. We even have a glossy white Samick baby grand and a German-made Steigerman Compact Disc Player Piano! <Check out our estate sale piano gallery here.>


Your Steinway Dream is This Close


An estate or probate sale of vintage pianos of this magnitude is a rare occurrence in the Seattle area, and the greater Pacific Northwest. This one is special enough that it has been reported in the local Everett, WA newspaper. Even in the whole world, you will rarely find a collection of so many classic Steinway grand pianos in a single location. And if you want a bank-breaking new Steinway--you’d better get your name on the waiting list. With our affordable prices, it will only take one or more serious collectors to swoop in and buy up our whole collection, so come and check it out this weekend in Edmonds, WA!


Rebuit Steinways in SeattleBoyd’s Pianos performed rebuilds of classic Steinway grand pianos at costs of over $22,000. Rebuilding a piano is expensive, but adds significant value and gives the piano a whole new musical lifespan. (And we are offering these pianos at a fraction of the price that a professional rebuilder, such as Ronald Boyd would have offered!) Boyd’s Pianos always used the highest quality replacement parts and often outsourced specialized repairs to the Steinway Company’s own Steinway Restoration Center. In addition, Ronald Boyd also offered all of his rebuilt pianos with ‘a 10-year warranty on workmanship and materials.’ * Each Boyd’s Pianos rebuild included many of the following items:

  • New soundboard & restring ($4,000)
  • New Pinblock & Reguild Plate ($4,500)
  • Shim & Varnish soundboard ($200)
  • Restring with New Tuning Pins ($1,200)
  • New music rack ($500)
  • New music desk ($500)
  • Fitting above to piano ($250)
  • Lyre sticks ($150)
  • Pedal rods ($75)
  • Refinish: Ebony in a hand-rubbed finish ($6,000)
  • Refinish (e.g. Mahogony Satin in a hand-rubbed finish) ($4,500)
  • Regulation and Voicing ($1,800)
  • New hammers ($700)
  • New shanks and flanges ($700)
  • Repetition ($1,400)
  • Rebuild damper underlevers ($400)
  • New damper felts ($600)
  • Rebuild trapwork ($300)
  • Polish hardware ($250)
  • Repair and replace ivory key covers ($600)
  • New ivorine key covers ($400)
  • Key rebushing, front ($300)
  • Key rebushing, balance rail ($300)
  • Nickel plate hardware ($200)
  • 4 Tunings in store ($400)

*Ronald Boyd’s 10-year warranty was a sign of the confidence and pride that he put in his piano restoration work. The representatives of the Estate of Ronald Boyd provide no warranties or guarantees of any kind. Each piano is sold ‘as-is’. The purchaser accepts any flaws apparent now or in the future and understands that all sales are final. We welcome and encourage you to have your own technician or appraiser evaluate any of our vintage pianos before you decide to purchase.


Biography of a Vintage Piano Rebuilder

Ronald Boyd Delivering a piano to the Reagan White House

Ronald Boyd Delivering a piano to the Reagan White House

Ronald Boyd started his piano rebuilding career at the age of 16 tuning pianos in Glendale, Arizona. He studied Music and History in college, served in the covert Operation Whitecoat in the Army, and moved up the ranks as a piano technician for various employers. In 1968, Mr. Boyd opened his own piano rebuilding shop. By 1973, he had a large stock of beautifully rebuilt pianos (about 18 pianos including 6 Steinway grands), which he sold to a D.C. Steinway dealer. In the following years, Mr. Boyd became well-known in the east-coast piano industry. In the mid-80’s Boyd’s Pianos delivered grands to the Reagan White House; and by 1995 he was performing piano services for The Smithsonian Associates.

In 2010, Mr. Boyd wrote a ‘First Person Singular’ article for the Washington Post’s Arts & Living Magazine. In the article he mused:

Ronald Boyd Master Steinway RebuilderPianos have a never-ending life. They're made of trees, earth and animal. They're hardy. As long as that plate isn't broken, they can just keep on living, getting rebuilt and resold. People have an emotional attachment to pianos, even if they've never played, because they've been in the family. Look, pianos don't talk back. They sit there, and if you stroke them right, they sound pretty good. Pianos have no political agenda. So when people have to get rid of one, it's usually because there's some big shift in their lives: death, change of lifestyle or moving... […] That's when I see the tears. Every one of these pianos has a story.

Ronald Boyd is now resting in peace, but his legacy lives on through his collection of masterfully rebuilt vintage grand pianos. Make an appointment today to come see, hear, and touch these world-class collector’s pianos in Edmonds--just 17 miles north of downtown Seattle, Washington.


Click the date ranges to see excerpts from Mr. Boyd’s Resume, dated January 1985: